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General Information

New and Improved glass2!  At glass2, we are finishing a factory upgrade and are getting ready to restart slab production.  With improved glass and a streamlined product line we offer a ‘better than ever’ glass2 product for all your glass surface and design needs.  Unpopular colors have been removed and more vibrant colors added to fit all your glass countertop, glass design project, and glass cladding needs.

We moved our factory to a new location, replaced existing ovens and production equipment (polishing line, cranes, etc.) and improved access to raw material for a reduced carbon footprint.

This move and retooling has taken longer than anticipated due to ecological concerns to keep within international standards and careful calibration and testing to meet quality standards but the outcome is a win for our customers and the environment.

We are on-track to start production for export, both slabs and cut-to-size, starting in the month of June.  Thank you for your patience in our factory and product improvement evolution.

See below DETAILS of our improved and affordable glass product line:

Choose the glass color that best suits your design and application for solid surface glass whether you are selection for a countertop, island top, vanity top, wall cladding, stair treads, or other unique item.

Color Names:

  • Antarctica (grey/white mix) … L-409
  • Azurite (grey) … G-510
  • Caramel (brown/white mix) … R-612
  • Chiffon (white) … W-205
  • Chorus (brown) … R-611
  • Iceberg (green/white mix) … I-806
  • Ocean (blue) … B-619
  • Seafoam (green) … B-307
  • Sky (blue/white mix) … S-803

Slab Sizes:

  • 1200mm x 2400mm … approximately 47-1/4” x 94-1/2” … 31.0 sf
  • 1350mm x 2800mm … 53-1/8” x 110-1/4” … 40.7 sf
  • Sizes given are NET, there is normally 1” to 2” all around the slab that may or may not be useable and constitute the GROSS size.


  • Polished … a perfectly smooth surface that brings out the fullness and uniqueness each slab, allowing the maximum translucence possible
  • Textured … a slightly leathered feel to give the appearance of an antique glass that refracts light into multiple patterns and directions


  • Ex-factory, China
  • 30% deposit, balance at copy of B/L


  • Each order will ship according to its W/M (Weight/Measurements).
  • Typically, the minimum for 1 crate with 1 slab to ship to the West Coast is $1700 and to the East Coast is $1900. This is when a crate or crates are shipped via LCL (Less than a Container Load).
  • Duty on glass is 4.8% so the size (cost) of the order is a major factor in freight cost.
  • Even relatively small orders are often just an economical when put in a dedicated container and most certainly safer due to no TransLoading at US warehouses.
  • Freight quotes are not determined by glass2 but we get quotes from the best FF’s (Freight Forwarders) that we know.
  • Every customer is certainly welcome to import their order direct, by themselves.
  • glass2 will assist in every way and provide your FF with all information and documents required.


  • The surface may have occasional pin-holes but these are rare and normally so small that no treatment is required.
  • The edge, if not mitred and laminated to match the surface, the edge wonderfully shows the layers of recycled glass .
  • A cut and polished edge is prone to slightly more and larger holes than the surface.
  • Holes in the edge may be treated but it is recommended to leave the edge as it naturally occurs after cutting it to size.
  • Instructions for Transportation, Handling, Fabrication, and Installation are the same.
  • Tooling and Supplies are the same.
  • We have improved the heat resistance of our glass and increased its density which relieves significant tension within the glass.
  • Colors may vary slightly from “batch-to-batch” … we refer to these as Heat Lots. Most often you cannot tell the difference unless slabs are placed side-by-side. Though many heat lots will be identical, there is always the chance of each color being a shade lighter or darker.


  • Even though our glass takes slightly longer to fabricate and install than stone, it has always been simple and efficient if my instructions are followed.
  • Our new “recipe” to improve our product has significantly improved the BENEFITS of our glass to include a stronger and more stable slab with more vibrant colors and a reduction in cost.