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SOLID glass2 colors


  • Aquamarine

    Aquamarine (L-408)


    Azurite (G-510)

    white glass counter top

    Chiffon (W-2015)


    Chorus (R-611)

  • Jade (J-802)

    Jade (J-802)


    Ocean (B-619)

  • Seafoam (B-307)

    Seafoam (B-307)


MIX glass2 colors

  • Antarctica

    Antarctica (L-409)

    Bronze (B-806)

    Bronze (B-806)

  • cramel

    Caramel (R-612)


    Harmony (R-618)

  • Glass2 Colors

    Iceberg (I-806)

    Glass2 Colors

    Melody (C-801)

  • Sky

    Sky (S-803)

    glass for building and design use

    Snowflake (S-807)

    Available in a host of colors, glass2 is perfect for any design motif.   Colored glass countertops are an ideal match for both light or dark colored cabinets.  White or clear island tops are a favorite when used with underlighting.  While some companies sell countertops that are mostly resin with only a small amount of glass present as an accent, as you can see in these samples, glass2 is indeed glass through and through.