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The premier choice of designers and architects, glass2 is an environmentally friendly glass surface and building product like none other. Its sustainable, elegant design gives professional fabricators a way to separate themselves from “the ordinary”. With the goal of meeting the needs of consumers, our team of engineers produced this beautiful new glass line from 99% recycled glass. This progressive innovation has made glass2 a standard bearer in the solid surface industry and glass building materials industry.




Commercial or residential, interior or exterior application, glass2 can be used for many applications by following our detailed instructions. The flexibility of glass2 allows for its application as glass countertops for kitchen or bath, glass bartops, glass tables, fireplace surrounds, glass floor tiles, glass wall cladding, stairwells, glass columns, furniture tops made of glass, glass bathroom vanities, shower stalls, and glass tub surrounds.  In addition,  glasscan be laminated to clear glass to create a safety-type glass, resulting greatly increased structural strength and durability. There is a multitude of uses in the world of architecture and design for glass building and design materials. Any process not covered in the Instructions must be submitted to glass2 for approval.




stack glass

glass samples by glass2

  • 99% recycled glass, contains no resin
  • Stain-resistant, bacteria-free, virtually no maintenance
  • 0.2% absorption rate
  • glass2 can be repaired to nearly its original condition if scratched; unlike other glass products
  • Following our instructions allows our glass to be fabricated by both stone and glass fabricators
  • glass2 is allowed for use as outside glass cladding when laminated to tempered glass on the backside
  • Contains no glue or chemicals
  • Does not contain even trace amounts of radioactive elements
  • Color is highly resistant to fading due to heat, cold, and UV
  • An expanded color selection in 2 finish options … polished and textured (a “leathered” or “antique” motif)

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